Why Bali?

By choosing to travel to rehab, clients immeasurably increase their chances of success. This is an opportunity to create the foundation for a new life, far from the distractions and triggers of home. Through this experience our clients gain life skills and a new sense of self which they can easily transfer to their lives back home, when they are ready.

Bali, universally referred to as The Island of the Gods, stakes a serious claim to be paradise on earth. Its diverse landscape of rugged coastlines, sandy beaches, volcanic hillsides and lush rice terraces provide an idyllic backdrop to the colourful, deeply spiritual culture that rests within the hearts of its residents. There is really no better place on the planet to recover from addiction to drugs or alcohol.

As well as being a beautiful tropical island with a rich culture there are some very practical benefits to attending rehab in Bali:

New country– New attitude– New behaviour

An exciting new environment makes it easier for people to open their minds. Accepting the new way of living advocated by Seasons drug and alcohol rehab is much simpler on the stunning island of Bali.

International Hub

Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali has regular flights from all major airlines and can be reached easily from anywhere in the world. Our VIP immigration service meets clients straight off the plane.


Private rehab in Australia, America and Europe costs between $30,000 and $120,000. At Seasons Bali we provide internationally accredited drug and alcohol treatment at a fraction of this price.

Medical Care

Bali has a large expat population and therefore has a high quality of health care. Seasons Bali has close links to BMIC and Siloam Hospitals. These are the best on the island.

Weekend Leisure Activities

Seasons Bali offers our clients a restorative sanctuary far from the pressures of home. Our clients have easy access to a fantastic range of leisure pursuits where they are encouraged to explore local arts, culture, sporting pursuits and adventure.

Our clients gain real personal growth from the range and scope of leisure activities offered on the island. At Seasons Bali, we believe that having fun without using drugs and drinking is an invaluable part of learning to recover.

Hobbies and activities form an integral part of our program and take place at the weekend. This a time to try new things, see the sights and awaken old passions. There are a wide variety of options on offer to suit all abilities and interests.

Our clients say:

I really enjoyed the yoga and meditation and at the weekends I loved going to the nice beaches and things like getting my nails done. They are things that I haven’t done for a really long time!

Rama, 2017

Every week, the residents work as a team to plan the activities that they would like to do over the weekend. Staff are always on hand to offer guidance and must approve any final decisions. The Clinical Team supervise all Primary Program outings.

At the weekend our dedicated chef and his team take some well-deserved time off. This means that clients dine out in a number of incredible restaurants in the local area. These offer flavours from around the world and are both delicious and excellent value for money.

We encourage clients to make suggestions about things they would like to be a part of and are willing to consider activities not listed below.

Leisure Activities


Surfing in Bali is one of the things that you have to try at least once in your life. A number of good breaks are located in Canggu, near to the rehab centre. Alternatively, take it easy, sip a coconut and watch the action from dry land.

Hot Springs

The Tabanan Regency has a number of natural hot springs. Reached by driving through the dramatic volcanic landscape, the therapeutic waters offer a wonderful way to soothe away tired muscles.

White Water Rafting

The scenic Ayung River, near Ubud offers 3 hours of exhilarating adventure. This is a great way to experience the beautiful tropical terrain and the power of nature. Experienced guides give a detailed safety briefing before the trip commences and accompany each boat. Lunch is provided as part of the package. This is a real favourite amongst our clients.

Jungle Trekking and Waterfalls

Bali’s mountainous interior is scattered with hidden waterfalls offering an inspiring range of trekking options for all abilities. Clients cannot fail to be inspired by the breath-taking natural beauty of this amazing island.

Water Parks

Waterbom is rated as the best waterpark in Asia and the second best waterpark in the world. This is a great day out with everything from mellow to extreme slides.

Leisure Activities

Temple Visits – Tanah Lot Temple

The unique Hindu culture is never far away and on the way to activities clients often pass by blessings being performed by priests at the side of the road or colourful processions of local communities on their way to one of the thousands of temples.

Tanah Lot is one of the main Hindu pilgrimage sites on the south west coast of the island and for centuries its picturesque offshore temple has been the place the Balinese have come to worship the Sea Gods. It’s truly breath-taking, location on a rocky outcrop of the coast makes this a favourite weekend destination among our clients. Clients can receive a traditional Balinese blessing and if they are lucky catch the dancers in the cultural park nearby.

Traditional Markets

There are a number of traditional markets and market style shops in Seminyak and the surrounding area. Clients can browse the colourful wares and pick out souvenirs for their loved ones back home.

Beachwalk Shopping Mall – The Movies

This is one of Bali’s best shopping malls and includes a state of the art cinema and a number of great restaurants. The best thing about going to the movies in Bali is Premier. This luxury option includes a large lazyboy recliner and food delivered to your seat. Watching movies back home will never be the same again!


The Seasons Bali addiction treatment centre is located near Canggu. This is one of the up and coming areas on the island and is celebrated for its surfing beaches which include the fabled Echo Beach and Old Mans.

There is also a variety of great restaurants and a particularly good beachfront BBQ at Echo Beach, a favoured place among our clients for dinner on a Sunday night. The well-equipped Canggu Club has plenty of options for more weekend activities including ten pin bowling, tennis, squash and a waterpark.


Seminyak is the nearest main town. A host of facilities can be found here, from relaxing spas to a variety of exceptional international cuisine.

Some of the best shopping on the island is offered up by a bevy of small independent boutiques and outlet stores as well as a huge variety of market style shops.

The Tabanan Regency

This gorgeous area is next to the district the rehab is in and is well known for its incredible volcanic scenery. Famous sites in this area include the Tanah Lot Temple, Nirwana Golf Course and a number of hidden hot springs and waterfalls.

Nusa Dua

This is a favourite destination for Sunday outings and is located in the southernmost part of Bali. The name Nusa Dua is derived from the Bahasa for ‘two islands to the east’. Although it is the one of the most developed parts of the island it has idyllic white sand beaches, turquoise water, museums, temples and other cultural attractions as well as some great places to eat.


Ubud is a town located amongst the dramatic landscape of the central foothills of the Gianyar regency. Celebrated as the centre of culture, craft and spirituality this region provides some unforgettable activities for weekend excursions. This includes white water rafting through the stunning ravines and dense forests that surround the legendary Ayung River, visiting the famous cleansing waters of Tirta Empul and hiking to long forgotten waterfalls through the inspiring beauty of the rain forest.