Six Ways to Know You Need to Go to Rehab

How do you know when you need to go to rehab? How do you know if that habit you thought would be harmless, something other people seem to be able to dabble in without consequence, is actually a serious and harmful addiction for you? Addiction can impose horrible costs and consequences on addicts. Like a frog in a pot of water that is gradually heated, when we suffer from addiction we often turn away from our troubles and fail to notice: they are getting worse and worse. There is good news. Millions of people have faced similar challenges, admitted they had a problem, committed to doing the hard work of rehab, and created a vastly better life, living one day at a time, free from addiction. Let’s take a look at six ways to know you need to go to rehab.

Ways To Know You Need To Go To Rehab: You Try To Stop But You Can’t

Be honest with yourself. Have you ever tried to stop indulging in your addiction? How did that go? You are here reading this, so we guess you did not succeed in quitting. Maybe you stopped for awhile, but something happened and you fell back into your old, bad habit. This sign is pretty simple. If you can’t quit and stay quit on your own, you need help to quit. If you are at the point where you realize you don’t have the power to quit on your own without help, you are on the road to progress. Accepting help is a crucial part of successful recovery.

If you realize you can’t quit on your own, but you are telling yourself you don’t really need to, how long do you think that is going to last? If your addiction is controlling you, someday you will realize you need to leave it behind. How about today?

two people arguing as others watch

Heated Argument. Image: Alpur Cugun

Your Friends And Family Have Expressed Concern

Has someone who knows you told you they are worried about your addiction? It is often easier for people watching someone who is addicted to recognize the problem than for the addict themselves to recognize it.  Few people enjoy confronting addicts about their behavior. It is a potentially tense and unpleasant situation – nobody’s idea of fun. If someone has ventured to say they think you have a problem, please realize that they probably have your best interests at heart. They can probably see things about your life that you can’t see through the haze of addiction.

If none of your friends and family have expressed concern, that does not mean you don’t have a problem You might just be really good at hiding it, or you might have selected friends who will enable you and chosen to avoid your family or only engage with enablers in the family.

whiskey flask

Sneaking drinks from a flask is not a good sign

You Hide Your Habit From Friends And Family

If you can’t be honest with your friends and family about what you really do, what does that tell you? Are you ashamed? That is not generally a constructive emotion, but it is a powerful sign that you do not really believe what you are doing is acceptable. Or perhaps you do not feel ashamed at all, but you are still hiding your habit. Why could this be? Perhaps you know your friends and family can see how your habit affects you and you know they will try and stop you from pursuing your addiction. If you are ashamed of what you are doing or if your addiction is more important than being honest with your friends and family, that’s a strong sign you should make a plan to get free from addiction.

You Turn To Your Addiction To Cope With Stress

You might think it is normal to relieve stress with your addiction. But turning to addiction for stress relief is a dangerous dead-end road. Addicts gradually lose their ability to cope with stress in other ways, eventually becoming completely dependent on their addiction. Healthy methods of coping with stress leave you relaxed and able to function well. Addiction does not.

Your Addiction Affects Your Performance

Waking up in jail as a result of your addiction and not remembering how you got there can be a very clear sign that you have a problem and its time to go rehab. Fortunately, there may be many more subtle signs that can inspire you to take action before it comes to that. Does your addiction affect your job performance? Have you let down people who were depending on you because of something to do with your addiction? Do you feel lethargic and depressed? These are some signs that it is time for a big change for the better.

woman looks in mirror

When you look in the mirror, who do you see?

You Wonder If You Have A Problem

Finally, you are here reading this. Ask yourself why. You are here because you wonder if you have a problem. (Or you know someone who does and you want to talk to them about it.)  Addiction is not a state that encourages you to ask hard questions. You know the old saying “If you have to ask, it is too expensive?” With addiction, if you have to ask “should I go to rehab?” that’s a sign that rehab holds a value for you that is nearly priceless. Addiction is trying to tell you that you are fine, everyone does this, you need this, just one more time, etc. If you are still able to wonder if you have a problem despite all addiction’s tricks, you are ready to realize: yes, you have a problem. Right now is a great time to accept that you have a problem and take a step to solve it.

feet starting to walk down road

Take the first step on the road to recovery today!

Recognize You Have A Problem And Take A Step Towards Recovery Today

You know you have a problem. It is scary! You know it will be hard to fix, but we are here to tell you: you can do it and we can show you how. Take the first step on the road to better life. Learn more about our Rehab Program in Bali for recovering from addiction and make a plan.

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