Three Harmful Habits To Leave Behind

We are publishing this article at the beginning of a New Year, at a time when we have a shared cultural tradition of aspiring to make changes for a better life. But really, any time is a great time to make some changes and create a better life for yourself by leaving behind harmful habits, especially if you struggle with addiction. When you have the momentum, go for it! Don’t wait.

Everyone understands that addiction is a self-destructive behavior. But it usually doesn’t stand alone. Addiction usually goes hand in hand with a variety of other harmful habits of thought and action. If we don’t investigate our thoughts, we may never see these things. In order to break free from the self-destructive behavior of addiction, we have to do some work. We need to take a hard look and “clean up our hand” – discard those habits that harm us. It isn’t always easy, but the good news is you will feel a lot better when you are free from that weight. Let’s take a look at three harmful habits to leave behind.

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A therapist can help you recognize self-sabotage

Negative Self Talk

No matter what your goal is, negative self-talk can hold you back. We are not the stories we tell ourselves. People who suffer from addiction often have a very self-defeating internal voice. Is this familiar? “I can’t. I am not good enough.” Or “I don’t deserve to be happy.” None of these things are true. But you may be hearing them every day, inside your head, without even really noticing.

You can learn to hear your negative self talk with mindfulness training. With cognitive behavioral therapy, you can learn how to analyze those thoughts. You will learn to replace your unrealistic misconceptions of your limitations with a realistic and practical sense of your abilities and break free. And you will learn to translate your new mental awareness into action. In the process, you will develop true self-esteem and confidence. It is a very practical and effective approach to overcome your imaginary limitations and beat addiction, one day at a time.

People with addiction problems often have parents that either modeled negative self-talk or wounded their self-esteem at a young age. So family therapy can help overcome negative-self talk too. A good recovery program will offer an integrated approach tailored to each individual.

Getting Trapped In A Cycle Of Shame

Shame is a particular kind of negative self-talk. Just about everyone does something bad sometime. Thinking “I did something bad” is a healthy response to this, if you just resolve to do better, assess whether you can make amends, and don’t ruminate. But addicts often have a very different response. They think “I am a bad person.” But your story is not written yet.

You can be who you want to be. And you have already done good things. You can do better. It will take work but you can do it. Take a step toward success. Stop telling yourself you are a bad person. That doesn’t mean you should not admit to yourself when you do something bad. Just realize, it is something you did, not who you are. You can do something different next time.

The feeling of shame involves feeling unworthy. When we feel shame, we find ways to punish ourselves, often by doing things that make us feel further shame. It is a whirlpool. Listen to yourself. Hear yourself. Change your thinking and change your action. Get out before it sucks you down. Swimming out by yourself is hard. The lifeline of a structured recovery program can help you break free. You deserve a chance to earn yourself a better life, and with the right help, you can do it if you try.

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Find healthy ways to enjoy life

Putting Your Life On Hold

Many people struggling with addiction have an idea of what could bring happiness, even joy, fulfillment, and meaningful connection to their lives. But they don’t act to give themselves what they know they want and need. Are you are waiting until you do something that makes you worthy? There is no reason to wait. You are already worthy. You can learn to accept yourself.

That doesn’t mean that there is nothing you want and need to change. That’s giving up on yourself and your potential, not accepting yourself and your true potential. That means you understand, you are where you are right now, and that’s ok. You can choose not to give up on yourself. You can choose to do your best. And you can realize whatever you are thinking you have to achieve before you allow yourself to be happy, you don’t. You can start now.

Are you afraid to leave your addiction behind and work to find true happiness? Well, join the club. When we take that first step towards recovery, we are all afraid. “Will it be hard?” Yes, but it is very worth it. “Can I do it?” Yes, you can do it. You can find help, do the work and get clean and live a better life free from addiction, one day at a time. We can help. We offer a comprehensive approach to treatment that includes mindfulness training, cognitive behavioral therapy, group and individual therapy, and more.  Our program is affordable and we are covered by many major insurers. You have no reason to wait.

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Feel real connection again. Get help and break free.

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