Ten Tips: How To Choose The Right Rehab

Getting clean and staying free from drugs, alcohol, or addict behaviors is often the single most important thing an addict can do. By definition, an addict will need help to achieve this. Choosing the right rehab can be the difference between success or relapse. Here are ten tips for how to choose the right rehab program.

Does the Rehab Program Provide 24-Hour Care from Qualified Staff?

When you are in rehab, overwhelming urges and severe physical symptoms may strike at any time of the day or night. Some forms of addiction have physical withdrawal symptoms that qualified medical professionals can help manage. Withdrawal from alcohol can even be fatal if not accompanied by proper medical attention. Look for a rehab with medically qualified staff on-site around the clock.

How Are Treatment Plans Developed?

Some rehab programs take a cookie cutter approach to treatment. Every person who is addicted to a particular substance or activity gets the same treatment. But every addict has unique problems that can best be solved with a tailored approach. Seasons Bali interviews new clients extensively before developing a treatment plan in cooperation with the client. The treatment plans are then assessed and revised on an ongoing basis as needed.

person doing yoga pose

Yoga can help alleviate cravings

Does the Program Teach You How to Alleviate Cravings?

Some programs may focus on trying to suppress cravings using prescription drugs alone. This narrow approach fails to help an addict develop a useful toolset for recovery. Other programs focus on teaching addicts to understand cravings. Good programs teach addicts how to recognize triggers and short circuit habitual patterns that lead to craving as well as cultivate healthy sources of “natural highs” to crowd out cravings with good feelings.

Does the Program Teach the Importance of Good Nutrition?

Many forms of addiction take a heavy physical toll on the body. Even addiction that does not cause direct physical harm is likely to distract addicts from good nutrition. Poor nutrition can cause depression, insomnia, fatigue, irritability and susceptibility to stress and anxiety. Studies indicate that nutritional programs provide powerful support for recovery efforts.

plate of brightly colored vegetables and eggs

Good nutrition supports rehab & recovery

Does the Program Teach Skills to Support a Clean and Sober Life? 

Successful recovery takes more than just getting clean and remaining abstinent. Relying on will power alone to stay the course is a weak plan that is likely to fail. Furthermore, a person can put aside their addiction without really learning to repair the damage that it has done. A good recovery program will involve extensive therapy and teach recovering addicts to develop healthy habits of thought and action and other life skills for successful recovery.

Is the Program Based on a Realistic Model of Addiction?

Addiction is most accurately regarded as a chronic disease. Treatment programs that are based on this model yield the best results. Recovery is not easy – it is work. Be wary of programs that offer a magic bullet to cure addiction permanently and quickly. That is not how it works. A good rehab program will teach addicts to understand and manage addiction.

two people leaning towards each other talking in front of window

Talk therapy is an important component of a good rehab program

How Many Therapy Sessions Per Week?

Getting clean and sober is important but this is just the beginning of recovery. Addiction is usually accompanied by some serious psychological issues and seriously bad habits of thought. A good rehab program provides addicts an opportunity to dive in and tackle these difficult issues with the help and support of skilled and experienced professional therapists specializing in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Look for a rehab that provides frequent group and individual therapy.

Does the Program Offer Family Therapy?

Many people struggling with addiction discover that their family relationships provide an important key to understanding how they got addicted in the first place and how to break free. Addicts with family issues benefit greatly from bringing the family into the therapeutic process. Consider finding a rehab facility that offers a family therapy option. 

Are Alternative Treatment Services Offered?

Abstinence and talk therapy are the foundations of most successful recovery efforts, but there are many supplemental approaches that can help. Yoga, meditation, art and drama therapy, NLP, and many more approaches may be helpful. Each addict is unique. Seeking out programs with a good core approach plus flexible options will increase the chances of successful and lasting recovery.

Are You Looking For a Long Term or Short Term Program?

Recovery programs vary from as little as one week of detoxification to several months. Seasons Bali offers medically supervised 7 and 14-day detox accompanied by evidence-based treatment and skill building, or one, two, or three-month residential inpatient recovery options.

Learn More About Our Addiction Recovery Program

Seasons Bali offers support for people struggling with all types of addiction. You are here reading this, so it is probably time for you or someone you care about to take the first step towards a much better life. It takes work but you can leave the unfulfilling cycle and the suffering behind.

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