Six Myths About Addiction

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Researchers and therapists guiding addicts through the process of recovery have made a lot of progress in understanding addiction. Society has lagged behind science a bit. Misconceptions about addiction are common. Older ideas about what drives addiction and how to cure it were perhaps based on intuition or judgmental ideologies…

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What Is Cross Addiction?

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People who are addicted to a substance or behavior, whether they are addicted to alcohol, drugs, or have a behavioral addiction like gambling or an eating disorder, are probably susceptible to falling into other addictions too. When an addict picks up a second (or third – etc.) addiction, this is…

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Comorbidity- Mental Health and Addiction

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What is comorbidity? Technically, the term describes any situation where one person has two medical conditions at the same time. When we talk about comorbidity in the context of addiction, we are talking about mood disorders or mental illness accompanying addiction. These conditions are typically thoroughly entwined. It is often…

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