How To Spot A Relapse

How to Spot a Relapse on Drugs or Alcohol

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How to Spot a Relapse on Drugs or Alcohol The road to a sober life can be a tough one. Most people think the most challenging part is getting sober, but for most addicts, the most challenging part is staying sober. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why an addict may…

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Tips For Staying Sober During The Holidays

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With the holidays just around the corner, many addicts and alcoholics in recovery can be scared their sobriety will soon be at risk. Family gatherings are around the bend, and celebrations, in general, can be triggering for some people who wish to refrain from celebratory drinks and happy holiday party…

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Why Is Addiction Considered A Disease

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There are quite a bit of people that may view addiction as a personal choice that an individual makes or as a behavior that could be stopped willingly at any given time. But over the past several years, the vast amounts of research has changed the medical community’s understanding of…

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Staying Focused On Your Recovery

Positivity Is Powerful In Recovery

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Having a positive mental attitude during recovery is one of the most valuable assets you can have. With positivity, it can help you focus on the better parts of what could be a terrible situation. Giving you that extra push forward you needed to get you through the day. Nurture…

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Keep An Eye Out For Signs Of Alcoholism

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There are many signs of addiction, but we can start to notice them in behavior patterns before they develop into a severe condition. You can spot trends in someone’s actions that can provide insight into whether they could be suffering from alcoholism. These will typically manifest themselves into many types…

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