Seven things to do to stay sober after rehab

Successfully completing an addiction rehab program is a great achievement, one that will change your life profoundly. But only if you continue to win the battle against addiction one day at a time. How can you keep clean and stay sober after rehab? How can you stay free from addiction? In a good recovery program, you will learn new tools to cope with stress and temptation. You will find new, healthier ways to spend your time. You’ll learn how to cultivate gratitude and how to process difficult emotions. Let’s take a look at seven things you can do to help you stay sober after rehab and remain free from addiction.

Take It One Day At A Time

The prospect of having to keep your addiction in check for a lifetime or fall right back down to square one is daunting. The good news is, you don’t really ever have to do that. There will never be a day in your life when you perform the impossible task of staying clean for a lifetime. Each day, all you need to do is stay clean for the day that is today. Remember that today, all you need to do is stay clean today. You can do it, one day at a time.

Stick To A Schedule

A good rehab will help you build good habits. At Seasons Bali, we help our clients become accustomed to living on a schedule. When you plan what you will do in advance, you remove the possibility of becoming bored and unfocused and impulsively making a poor choice. Addicts often live pretty impulsively, so at first, a strict schedule might feel uncomfortable, But it only takes a few weeks to build a new habit. You will find it is easier and easier to make a plan and stick to it. Your routine will become reassuring and grounding.

Continue Therapy

Seasons Bali offers group and individual and group therapy in our residential rehab and recovery programs. If you have never had therapy before, you will be amazed at what you can discover about yourself. This self-understanding is a powerful tool for regaining control of your decisions and choosing how you react to stress. And you learn new tools and techniques for cultivating further self-awareness on an ongoing basis. For some recovering addicts, this might be enough. But when you are fresh out of rehab, practicing staying clean, why take chances? Enrolling in continuing therapy ensures you have extra support to help you overcome any challenges that may arise and continue to grow and develop self-awareness and self-control. Recovering addicts who have attended Seasons Bali can sign up for our online remote E-therapy program for a modest fee.

silhoutte of woman doing yoga in front of sea and sunset

Practicing yoga outdoors can be a great mood lifter

Get Physical

A healthy body supports a healthy mind and a healthy emotional state. Stress creates chemical responses in the body, a product of evolution that helps us mount a physical response to danger. For most people, stress arises more often than actual physical threats. Find something fun and physical to do and burn off some steam. If you can find a physical activity with a social component, that can be even better. Yoga combines physical activity with some meditative aspects that can help remain calm and centered. Team sports can be great too, but if you are an alcoholic, make sure you have a workable plan of action to respond to invitations to after-game events that involve drinking. Most alcoholics just out of rehab should steer clear of social events that revolve around drinking.

Join A Support Group

Being in recovery is great, but it can be tough. If you have been giving in to addiction, you have probably been hiding from your feelings. You have also probably been hiding your feelings from other people. To protect their ability to chase down a fix, addicts often become incredibly self-reliant. Being able to take care of yourself is a good thing, but there is too much of a good thing. Excessive self-reliance is really a matter of thinking you can take care of yourself just fine without any help and being wrong. There is no reason to “go it alone.” Many other people face struggles like yours. They are out there, waiting to help you in recovery group meetings. Some groups will even help you find a special “sponsor’ who is also in recovery and commits to being there for you when you need someone to talk to.

Volunteer To Help Others

If you are like most recovering addicts, you will find that you can help other addicts just by listening to them without judgment. And you will find helping people in this way feels really great. While we are focused on helping others, our own problems disappear and we know we are doing something healthy and good. You can find a volunteer opportunity that involves direct service to people who need help. You can also build healthy social connections with other volunteers.

arm and hand in field touching wheat-like grasses

Get outside and connect with nature

Take Care Of Yourself & Stay Sober After Rehab

You deserve to be happy and healthy, well-rested and well-fed. Self-care will help you stay clean. Remember to watch out for problems that can HALT your journey on the road to recovery. Check in with yourself and notice if you are hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. Eat well (see our article here on the importance of good nutrition for recovery), be aware of your emotions, make new friends, and get enough rest. Check out this article for more tips on how to avoid relapse and stay on the road of recovery.

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