Six Reasons to go to Rehab Abroad

Facing addiction and freeing yourself from its grip – one day at a time – is one of the most difficult and one of the most important things you can do. Making this vital investment in yourself is hard work, especially at first. The good news: with good guidance and persistent effort, you will find it gets easier and easier to maintain your daily commitment to recovery. The first steps are the hardest steps. Your chances of success are much better if you seek the support and guidance that you need. Choosing a good program and a good environment can make a big difference.  Why choose rehab abroad? Rehab costs can be lower for rehab programs based abroad than comparable quality domestic programs, leading to “medical tourism.” In addition to potential cost savings, there are several other benefits. Let’s consider the following six reasons to go to rehab abroad.

person looking over shoulder

Rehab abroad is discreet. Nothing to see here folks…just going for a stroll…

Avoid Stigma: Rehab Abroad Is Discreet

Many people who need rehab have concealed their addiction. They may not want to share their status as recovering addicts with everyone, and they should not have to. That could cause undue stress which is a trigger for relapse. Going to rehab abroad leaves people seeking recovery the option of telling people that they went on a lovely vacation and omit the more personal details of their trip.

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Learn to enjoy natural, healthy things again

Get Happy: Rehab Abroad Makes Gratitude Easier

Addiction hijacks normal brain chemistry and replaces true satisfaction and happiness with the artificial rush of addiction. Addicts commonly experience anhedonia, an inability to enjoy normal non-addictive sources of pleasure or satisfaction. Learning how to appreciate life, how to enjoy things and be grateful, is an important part of recovery. A trip abroad offers the opportunity to sample novel experiences and see new sights, helping restore a recovering addict’s sense of curiosity and engagement.

Do The Work: Rehab Abroad Is Not A Holiday

Learning to have good clean fun is an essential part of recovery, but it is not exactly the center of the project. Recovery takes effort. You will have to take a close look at yourself and really be honest. You’ll have to open up in individual and group therapy. If you choose right, your rehab abroad will offer you comfortable and serene surroundings, but your therapists will guide you through some serious and difficult work. Choose a rehab program that’s serious about evidenced-based best practices and helping clients stay on track to create real, lasting results.

Save Money: Rehab Abroad Can Be More Affordable

Cost of real estate, food, and non-clinical support staff may all be lower abroad, so many rehab programs overseas can offer lower prices than comparable domestic rehab facilities. Seasons Bali offers all-inclusive individually tailored recovery programs with expert certified therapists and luxury accommodations at a considerably lower price than you’ll find elsewhere.

Get Serious: Rehab Abroad Involves Commitment

For some people, the possibility of abandoning rehab is an issue. If you are attending an out-patient rehab and living at home, or in a residential facility a short drive away from your ‘old stomping grounds,’ the temptation to give up and bail out can be great. When you set foot on that plane to fly off and start your new life with a change of scene in Bali, you have made a bigger commitment, one that is harder to reverse, and easier to stick with.

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Get away from “the scene”

Start A New Life: Rehab Abroad Breaks Context

Speaking of “old stomping grounds,” when you start on the road to recovery, the more you can avoid the triggers of familiar places where you wallowed in your addiction and “helpful” co-conspirators who enabled you, the easier it will be to succeed. Getting a plane ride away from the locations where you learned your bad habits makes it easier to see clearly and make a change.

Don’t Let Common Misconceptions Stand In Your Way

Some people worry that you can’t get the same quality of treatment abroad, or suspect insurance won’t apply, but Seasons Bali is fully accredited and accepts many insurance plans. If you are concerned about being able to speak the language, the people you interact with as a tourist in Bali will almost all speak English, and all our therapy staff are all completely fluent in English. If you are concerned about travel costs, the savings on the cost of comparable treatment at home more than cover them. Worried about weird foreign food or complicated visa requirements? We’ll take care of your visa for you, and our in-house chef, guided by our wellness expert, will supply you with nutritious meals designed to appeal to the western palate.

Take Action & Get On The Road To Recovery

Seasons Bali offers support for people struggling with all types of addiction. You are here reading this, so it is probably time for you or someone you care about to take the first step towards a much better life. It takes work but you can leave the unfulfilling cycle and the suffering behind.

If someone you care about has a problem with drugs or alcohol or any other form of addiction, talk to someone who understands. We are here to help. Call one of our experts today at (toll-free Australia) 1800 288 348 +61 398045757 or email us at and we will call you.


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