Six Myths About Addiction

Researchers and therapists guiding addicts through the process of recovery have made a lot of progress in understanding addiction. Society has lagged behind science a bit. Misconceptions about addiction are common. Older ideas about what drives addiction and how to cure it were perhaps based on intuition or judgmental ideologies more than observation. Most addiction treatment professionals have rallied around evidenced-based approaches to treatment, informed by a pragmatic ideology of compassion. Let’s consider six common myths about addiction.

DNA may affect personal risk of addiction

Addiction is Choice or a Moral Failing

It is true that using alcohol is a choice, and for some people, it is a very bad one. But some people can drink alcohol or use drugs without becoming addicted. And other people can avoid drugs and alcohol, but develop other behavioral addictions, such as eating disorders, gambling or gaming addiction.

Recent research indicates that certain genetic differences are highly correlated with addiction. Scientists believe that some people may be much more susceptible to addiction than others because of these differences. In addition to hereditary factors, childhood trauma or parental modeling of addictive behaviors can increase a person’s risk for developing an addiction.

Experience shows that addicts only demoralize themselves when they think in these terms. For this reason, many therapists and drug rehab centers teach a “disease model” of addiction. Some people probably face a higher risk of getting addicted than other people. Therapy will teach the addict how to work through, resolve, and manage problems on an ongoing basis to attain successful recovery and minimize their risk of relapse or cross-addiction.

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It is not easy, but it is worth it!

Family and Friend’s Can’t Help

An addict can only change if they want to change. It is hard work, and no one else can do it for them. But you can help an addict realize that they need to make a change, and this is one of the biggest gifts you can give. Learn how to convince someone to go to rehab.

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Don’t wait for rock bottom. Live now!

Addicts Can’t Get Clean Until They Hit Rock Bottom

A lot of addicts find the motivation they need to do the work of recovery at rock bottom. But what is that really? On that particular day, that seemed like as low as they could go, and so they stopped. But what if they hadn’t? You can always go lower – until you are dead. There is no reason to wait. You don’t have to let your whole life fall to pieces. You can realize you have a problem right now and fix before it gets any worse. Call someone for help today. Or if it is a friend or family member you are worried about, realize it is never too soon.

If You Relapse, You Are A Hopeless Failure

If you went to a decent rehab already, you know this is not true. Don’t limit yourself. Millions of people, yes millions, got into recovery, relapsed, re-committed to a better life, and are successfully walking the road of recovery today. You can too. Or if you are concerned about a friend, help them remember why they got clean in the first place and let them know you will support their efforts to get clean again.

If You Have A Stable Life, You Are Not An Addict

At this moment, some “high-functioning” alcoholics and drug addicts are out there managing to keep it together, for now. Some of them are a day away from catastrophe, some months or years from a problem. Some may manage to live their entire lives without reckoning with their addiction. But if use is not a choice, if you can’t say “just one” or “not tonight” and stand by that decision, you are addicted – you are not in control. You may be able to rationalize your addiction, but it is taking something away from your life. And probably a lot more than you realize. Addicts close themselves off from the people they should connect with. You can learn how to open up again and really live. Don’t wait. The time to take your life back is now.

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People from all walks of life go to rehab

Only Wealthy People Can Afford Rehab

Seasons Bali accepts many types of insurance. We offer flexible programs to help our clients keep costs low. When you way the cost of addiction against the cost of recovery, in the long run getting clean is a bargain that you can’t afford to pass up.

Learn More About Our Addiction Recovery Program

Seasons Bali offers support for people struggling with all types of addiction. You are here reading this, so it is probably time for you or someone you care about to take the first step towards a much better life. It takes work but you can leave the unfulfilling cycle and the suffering behind.

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