A New You for 2019 – Resolve to Recover from Addiction

New Year’s is coming up and resolutions are in the air. If you or someone you know struggles with addiction someday you will realize any day is a good day to resolve to get on the road to recovery. From there, you just have to take it one day at a time. What about a New Year’s Resolution to quit drinking or doing drugs? When you consider the daunting prospect of resolving to stay sober for the rest of your life, it may seem impossible. Don’t worry. That’s normal. And in fact quite logical. You can’t stay sober for the rest of your life today. All you can do today is stay sober today, and that’s all you need to do. Or if you are not quite ready for that, you can read this article and put a plan in place to change your life. There is hope. Nobody can do it all at once. But everyone can do it. And you can do it too, one day at a time. Today, let’s look at how you can resolve to recover from addiction, put a plan in place, and set a course for a new and better life.

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Not A Normal Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions are a bit of a joke for most people. Some people keep them, but we’d venture a guess the majority get abandoned after a month or two of half-hearted effort. When you resolve to escape from the prison of addiction the stakes are much higher. If you are here reading this, you probably have some sense of what’s at stake. But if you are like most people struggling with addiction, you are probably in denial to some extent. You may find yourself like many others looking back later and recognizing that you did not realize how serious your problem really is. In many cases, left unchecked, addiction can become a matter of life or death. So let’s get deadly serious about this one and talk about how you can make a plan to follow through on a New Year’s resolution to recover from addiction.

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Make A Plan

Recovery is hard work, but it is worth it. If you are addicted to something, it is almost a matter of definition that you are not going to get better through the force of your will alone. You are going to need help, and you are going to need a plan based on proven methods. Millions of people have walked this road before you, and you will need their insights to succeed. You will learn powerful skills that change your life, restoring true happiness and bringing fulfillment. And you will learn them through therapy, 12 step programs, and or rehab. If you can find people in your life outside paid and volunteer programs to support your efforts, that will help too.

So the first component of your plan can be to find a friend or family member to witness your resolve. Find someone who can listen without judgment and tell them you have realized you need help and you want them to support your commitment to getting it. You can do it after you finish reading this article. It may be a little scary, but you may also feel exhilarated, knowing you are taking the first step to get free. Make a plan with a schedule for actually taking action to get help and tell your supporter the plan. Ask them to check up with you and encourage you to follow through.

Follow Through One Day At A Time

Once you have taken the first step of reaching out to a program, you will quickly learn one of the core principles of recovery. You do it one day at a time. It is scary and overwhelming to contemplate struggling against addiction every day, knowing any time you could succumb. But reality only comes at us one day at a time. That impossibly heavy burden of beating addiction every day only exists in your mind. Today, all you need to cope with is today. A good recovery program will give you the tools to do that.

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How To Know If There Is A Problem

Most people tend to underestimate the dangers of addiction, so if you think you or someone you know has a problem, that in itself is a pretty good sign you could be right. But you can learn more in our articles on how to know if you have a problem LINK and how to convince someone else to go to rehab LINK. (If you are considering trying to convince someone else they have a problem, we recommend reading both.)

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Seasons Bali offers support for people struggling with addiction. You are here reading this, so it’s probably time for you or someone you care about to take some steps toward a much better life. It takes work but you can leave the unfulfilling cycle and the suffering behind.

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