2 Week Introductory to Recovery Program

Seasons Bali understands that committing to a 30-day program is not for everyone so we have created a 2-week introduction to recovery program. Seasons short-term drug rehab plan usually comprises a 7-day detox supported by medication with 24 hour a day nursing supervision.

After this, when clients are feeling more able, they participate in the other aspects of our rehab program. This includes attending check-in and educational sessions as well as attending recovery groups outside the rehab centre.

Moreover, if clients attend the 2-week short term drug rehab program they will participate in weekend outings that take place during their stay. Our team take clients on a range of life-affirming adventures from white water rafting to visiting orphanages or trips to the spa.

Our short-term rehab programs are designed for our busy, high achiever client base in Sydney, NSW and beyond to major cities across the globe.

Long-Term Rehab v Short-Term Rehab

Anyone with a substance abuse problem seeking the help of a drug and alcohol rehab is making a courageous and difficult decision. Then comes the process of weighing up the options of long-term rehab v short-term rehab.

Of course, the idea of spending months in treatment is usually off-putting for many at these initial stages and the first thought is to consider the short-term options. Short-term rehab programs provide intensive but relatively brief treatment and are usually followed by less intensive aftercare provisions. This can often be perfect for people who have jobs and responsibilities to attend to.

A short-term option means that you can be well looked after during the testing withdrawal period

The team at Seasons advise that close and careful considering should be taken prior to making a decision to seek a short-term program rather than a long-term program. Additionally, they are more than willing to facilitate clients extending their stay at any stage.