Short-Term Residential Rehab in Bali

Seasons Bali 7 Day Detox Program and the Seasons Bali 2 Week Introductory Program include check-in sessions, psychosocial educational groups, yoga and beach exercise and attendance at self-help groups. Naturally, clients are only expected to participate in what they are well enough to manage after they have completed their drug and alcohol detox.

Check-In Group Sessions

These sessions offer a safe, confidential environment for clients to share their thoughts and feelings. Seasons Bali’s experienced staff facilitate these groups every weekday morning and help support those in the group. Here clients learn effective communication skills which help support behavioural change.

Psychosocial Educational Groups

These educational sessions help clients at short-term drug rehab understand a broad range of topics related to substance misuse. These offer insight into the disease concept, family dynamics, grief, friendships and how to deal with stress. Our staff teach these sessions interactively helping clients to understand how the issues tackled are relevant to their own lives.

Art Therapy, Beach Exercise and Yoga

Art therapy, Beach exercise and yoga are also featured on our short-term drug rehab schedule. These activities help clients to start to reconnect with themselves and develop self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem.

If you think that a short-term treatment option would suit your needs please get in touch with one of our addiction experts.