Long-Term Rehab – An Overview of Inpatient Rehab with Seasons Bali

Typically long-term rehab constitutes 28, 60 or 90 days of inpatient addiction treatment which perhaps also includes a medicated period of withdrawal.  After this, there is the possibility of spending more time in a sober living house and or an outpatient program.

The rehab industry as a whole has amassed substantial evidence to support the claim that by staying in residential rehab for a period of 90 days your chances of staying clean and sober in the long term are significantly increased. However, emerging evidence is showing that being on lockdown for 90 days is not the best way to approach recovery

Long-term rehab at Seasons Bali

Seasons Bali has a very practical and client-focused approach to long-term rehab which is covered by what we call the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Programs. This essentially means clients will progress through the 3 different stages each with increasing levels of freedom, according to what the clinical team deem appropriate. This is not only flexible but also makes staying in treatment for longer far more affordable.

Primary – The first 28 days

For the period of the first 28 days and while any detoxification takes place, you will remain in the Primary Program. This is fully supervised by our clinical and medical teams and has a full daily schedule of therapeutic activities including check-in groups, yoga, exercise, educational groups and peer support groups as well as one on one counselling.

Secondary Program – 60 to 90 days

This takes place in a very comfortable private villa and has less staffing and more freedom for clients to set the pace of their recovery. This means we can considerably reduce the cost although clients are also still free to join in any of the elements of the Primary Program that they desire to such as the beach exercise and yoga.

Tertiary Program – Transitional Housing

This is also sometimes known as a sober living program and the client lives almost entirely independently but still has the support of staff if need be. This fosters a real period of growth and consolidation, where the client is supported to investigate the activities and interests which are going to make their lives in recovery worthwhile and fulfilling.

Add – on Recovery Value

Seasons Bali also has a number of add-ons that you can use to embellish your recovery experience with us. We want to give you the opportunity to tailor your inpatient rehab stay and make it something that you will never forget.

Holistic Wellness Program

This program is an addition to the Primary and Secondary Programs and includes a range of benefits including a gym membership, personal training sessions, nutritional advice and extra counselling sessions. Clients who take part in this have extra private one on one sessions outside of the scheduled activities of rehab.

Family Program

The Seasons Bali Family Program has a long history of helping to heal family relationships and takes place when the client is in Primary Program and after any period of withdrawal. Loved ones join the client in treatment for a week of therapeutic activities including group and one on one counselling.