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What To Look For In Rehab Overseas

Quality Staff

The idea of going overseas for addiction treatment can be alluring and exciting. An exotic location can be the scene for a new chapter in life. There are many good rehab centers abroad, but that means there are also some “not so good” ones as well. It’s important to conduct due diligence before you make the leap and enroll in a center that’s not fit to help you. So, what should you look for in an overseas rehab facility? In today’s post, we have all the answers you need.

Investigate the quality of the staff before you enroll in an overseas rehab program. Ask where the staff was trained, inquire about their expertise. For example, the staff at Seasons Bali was trained and credentialed in Australia. Our rehab center is also internationally accredited. Every staff member has the knowledge and dedication to provide excellent therapies for our patients. If you’re not confident of the staff, there’s a high possibility that the treatment will be sub-par.

A Great Location

One of the benefits of traveling overseas for treatment is the experience of an exotic location. There are many rehab centers worldwide, but many aren’t in the best of locations. It could be that the facilities are in a bad neighborhood, or that the weather isn’t too great, or there’s not much to do beyond the rehab facilities. But when you travel to Bali for rehab, you enter an absurdly beautiful environment, with lush jungles, pristine beaches, breathtaking views, and incredible weather. A great location will aid the recovery process— when you can witness beauty first-hand, you begin to internalize it and realize how vast life really is, and how much more you can experience beyond drugs and alcohol. This is why we know Bali, as a rehab location, is unmatched.

Modern Amenities

Some of the apprehension of traveling abroad for addiction treatment comes from the idea that the living conditions of foreign countries are inferior to what you can get in your home country. This is the case for some rehab centers. But centers like ours are just as modern as what you can find in your home country, and in some cases, are even more advanced. Before you book your ticket abroad, ask about their facilities. Do they have running, hot water? Does the electricity stay active 24/7. Is the area safe? Are the rooms nice and comfortable? Do they have everything needed to accommodate you? You should feel confident in their answers.

Low Cost

Traditionally, one of the primary benefits of traveling overseas for rehab is the low cost compared to the programs in one’s home country. At Seasons Bali, for example, the cost for our inpatient programs is a fraction of what you would pay in North America or Europe. The concept of traveling abroad for treatment is commonly coined as “medical tourism”, and the idea is that you can get treatment that’s equal to what you’d find at home, for a much lower price.

Individualized Programs

No two patients are the same, so your rehab program shouldn’t treat you like everyone else. You’re different, and you need programs that are optimized to serve you and fix your own flaws. A great rehab center will assess your past and your medical condition to design a treatment plan that will fit your needs. You’re looking for a program that challenges you to be better, to stay committed to getting clean, and helps you find a path free of illicit substances. Before you admit yourself to rehab, ask questions and seek to understand exactly how that program can help you overcome your addiction.

At Seasons Bali, we take our individualized care to the next level. Aside from our primary treatment options, we offer a bespoke one-on-one program provide you with private luxury accommodations, a personal chef, intensive one-on-one work with a case manager, and dedicated attention from our senior therapist.

Integrated Treatments

One of the benefits traveling overseas for treatment is the different therapies that are often available. In many Asian countries, Eastern traditions like yoga and mindfulness training are mixed in with Western treatment methods. This offers a well-rounded, memorable experience. At Seasons Bali, our Holistic Wellness program incorporates these Eastern practices, which compliments our more traditional rehab therapies. Imagine the power of a peaceful meditation session, while being surrounded by the sheer beauty of Bali. You’ll be far removed from the chaos of your everyday environment, giving you the time and space to properly heal.

Extracurricular Activities

What’s the point of traveling thousands of miles from home if you’re going to merely be cooped up in the rehab facility. That’s no way for you to heal. At Seasons Bali, we want you to absorb the beauty of Bali, and we do this with daily outings and group activities. One of the goals of a great overseas rehab center is to get its patients to realize there is a life beyond addiction and to help them embrace that life.

How It Works

The idea of traveling to a foreign country can be an exciting prospect, but you may still have some doubts. Questions are likely running through your head, “Is it safe? What about my friends and family? Would it be more convenient to get treatment in my local area?”

We’ll say this: the benefits of traveling overseas for addiction treatment will silence many of those concerns. Bali, Indonesia is very safe, and our facilities are completely secure. Your friends and family can still contact you if they need you. Though you’re in a foreign country, the language barrier will be nonexistent, as our staff is composed of native English speakers. You’ll return home clean and ready to continue your journey of healing and self discovery. By traveling overseas for addiction rehab, you take control of your life’s trajectory. You place yourself in the best environment to heal.

As a reputable treatment center in Bali, Indonesia, Season Bali offers therapies that not only address one’s addiction, but also the underlying motivations that trigger it. Our treatment blends forward-thinking medical services with holistic activities— giving you everything you need to make lasting change in your life.


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