How to Succeed in Rehab – 11 Ways to Beat Addiction

You are reading this because you have begun to understand the terrible cost of addiction. You know there is help. Now you want a better life for yourself or someone you care about and you are considering addiction rehab. But perhaps you are afraid to try. Perhaps you are worried you may not succeed. Don’t worry! There is hope. You can beat your addiction and build the new life you want. Here are eleven ways how to succeed in rehab, plus a bonus twelfth key to beating your addiction and staying in recovery.

One: Choose The Right Approach – Holistic Treatment

Addiction is complex. Many addictions have a physical component, and all addictions have psychological and social components. Choose a treatment program that offers a broad approach to diagnosing the underlying problems contributing to your addiction as well as multiple ways to address these problems.

Find a program that recognises you are a whole, unique person with your own individual story, a program that will help you set out on a personalised path to a better future than the one at the end of the road of a life of addiction.

Two: Follow the Directions

Rehab is not always easy. Sometimes you will have to open yourself up to painful feelings and allow yourself to think about things that are very uncomfortable. Be fearless. Be honest with yourself. Trust the people who are working to support your recovery. Commit to following the directions. Do the work.

Three: Accept Withdrawal Treatment and Consider Medication

Detoxifying for addiction can be a real physical challenge. Choose a rehab facility with a detox program and consider medication if it is suggested. It’s hard to beat addiction without help. You can find knowledgeable, experienced professionals who want to help you and who know what works.

Four: Do the Work: Therapy

Most addiction recovery programs will involve some amount of therapy. You can fake your way through therapy and lie to yourself and your therapist, but that is not going to help you recover. Be brave. Be strong. Know that your therapist is there to help you, not judge you. Trust them and be honest and do the work. And don’t limit your focus on therapy to time during sessions. Take the insights from your sessions with you and do the work outside of therapy too.

Five: Communicate – Give Feedback

Find a program that is going to engage with you. You create your best opportunity to succeed in rehab when you communicate with the people supporting your efforts and explain what is working, what is not working, and what you think can help you.

Six: Build a Support System in Your Family

Most addicts have some family members that want to help them. Find a program that will talk with you about your family and help you build a support system to help you process and address your problems and recover from your addiction. Use that support system to stay in recovery after you leave rehab.

Seven: Learn About the Power of Addiction

To have the best chance of recovering and staying in recovery, you need to have a deep understanding of addiction. Find a program that will teach you about addiction in detail. Recognising the subtle and complicated ways addiction works will help you avoid the traps of addiction.

Eight: Don’t Give up

It’s going to be hard sometimes. Remind yourself why you want to succeed. Know that like millions of other people who faced the hardship, you can beat your addiction. Stay the course and don’t give up.

Nine: Stay in Treatment

You may feel great. You might feel like what you have learned about yourself and your addiction is enough. Be careful not to be overconfident. Listen to the experts you have helping you, and stay in treatment until they agree you have established a solid base to stay in recovery and avoid relapse.

Ten: Commit to Abstinence

Realise the power of addiction. It will always have a pull on you. If you give into that pull for even one day, you may find yourself back under the power of your addiction and on the road to ruin again. The good news: every day, you only need to resist that pull today. If you can do it for the day that is today, that is all you need to do today. Keep up the good work, one day at a time.

Eleven: Cultivate the Attitude You Need to Succeed

Start by taking that literally, in the simple sense. Decide: You need to succeed. If you decide that success in rehab is your most important goal, you can achieve it. Develop a comprehensive attitude to support your effort.

Focus on the present. Be here, now, with your feelings, and just take care of this moment. You don’t have to do anything else right now. You can do it!

Listen with an open mind. You are going to hear things that make you uncomfortable. It’s ok! Accept your discomfort, and commit to learning about your problem and your solution.

Realise it is not going to be easy. You are going to have to work, and you are going to have to experience some difficult feelings that you have been blocking out. Don’t make excuses, and be willing to do what it takes. It’s worth it!

Be grateful. Every day there are good things to be grateful for. You are in rehab, working to get better. That simple fact alone is cause to be very grateful. You can get better if you try, and you are trying.

Take care of yourself. You deserve to be well. Seize the opportunity to work on your physical and mental health.

Discover healthy fun things that you enjoy doing.

Bonus – the Twelfth Tip for How to Succeed in Rehab: Learn the Twelve Step Program Keep Giving and Receiving Help

The classic twelve step program has helped millions recovery from addiction and stay in recovery. Participate in a twelve step program for group support and commit to giving and receiving help for a lifetime of sobriety.

Take The First Step

So there are twelve ways you can help ensure you succeed in an in-patient rehab. You know you want to be free. You know you want to recover from your addiction. The solution is out there. The journey is not easy, but you can do it, one step at a time. Take the first step today, and contact a rehab centre and let them know you want to get on the road to recovery.

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