Addiction to drugs and alcohol is often referred to as the ‘family disease’. It is not just the person afflicted that suffers but all those within their orbit. Independent research, and that of the Seasons Hader Group, indicates that clients have a much better chance of long term recovery if their family are involved in their treatment.

The Seasons Bali Family Program brings everyone together for an intensive week of cohesive treatment. This runs while the client is completing their time in the Primary Program. Our Clinical Team at Seasons Bali understand the frequently perplexing relationship between drugs and alcohol, the family and the user. The unique content of this week is designed to heal the damaged family dynamic and get everyone moving forward with new knowledge and skills.

Educating relatives about the recovery process is hugely beneficial to everyone concerned. Both clients and family members find this cathartic, emotionally challenging and hugely enlightening. Seasons Bali can also facilitate ongoing support and provide resources for families unable to attend.

Family members say:

Before I came to Family Week my relationship was a big mess. I didn’t know what to expect coming to Seasons but after a week I’ve resolved a heap of issues. I can now look towards the future positively. I got so much out the program, especially in such a short period of time.

Paul, husband, 2015


I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived but I felt so welcomed and safe and the staff really understood my needs. One of the best things about the program was the family counselling because I got to say things to my brother in a way I’ve never been able to before. I have been given a completely different way to approach to my relationship with him and we are much closer now.

Paula, sister, 2015

Included in the Family Program


  • Private room with ensuite (or shared room with a partner)
  • Personal support staff
  • Personal housekeeping staff
  • In-house meals prepared by Seasons Chef on weekdays
  • Airport transfers and VIP arrival service
  • All transport requirements in Bali


  • Educational sessions – Monday to Friday
  • Group sessions – Monday to Friday
  • A Family Case Manager
  • One individual counselling session
  • One family counselling session
  • Structured exercises around communication and setting boundaries
  • Guided discussions that explore addiction, the family system and relationships

Alternative Therapy

  • Three yoga classes per week
  • Art therapy
  • Drama therapy
  • Two beach exercise sessions per week
  • Meditation
  • Leisure activities and weekend excursions


  • Additional Holistic Wellness Program
  • An extensive menu of extra options is available all delivered by talented practitioners

Additional Support

The team at Seasons Bali understand that not all family members can commit to taking a week out to attend the program. Therefore we offer a range of other ways to support significant others.

If family members are visiting Bali for a shorter period of time we offer sessions with our senior therapist. This is a chance to learn about addiction and alcoholism and how to help support their recovering relative.  Our staff will advise whether these sessions should be taken individually or as a family group depending on what will be most beneficial.

Alternatively for those families who live near a Seasons Hader Group rehab, we can facilitate a meeting with one of our family therapists there. We also offer Skype support to families whose loved ones are attending our programs and can provide a variety of printed and electronic educational resources as well as referrals to other resources around the world.

Family members say:

Just a short note to thank you and all your staff for taking over a damaged and emaciated young woman and returning to us the daughter that we used to have. Your dedication and concern for you patients is a credit to your organisation. We realise that her treatment is ongoing and that she still needs a lot of support that we will (are) giving her.

Mother and father, 2015


I just wanted to touch base and once again say how much we as a family want to thank you for supporting my son during his recent recovery. Today he phoned us all to say “today” he has been clean for 6 months and thanked us all individually for our support during this difficult time.

His baby boy is due early July so we are all very excited for them. I think the baby is still going to be called ‘Tim’ (after the Seasons therapist) and he has asked his fellow from treatment to be a God Mother — when I think back to last year and the despair we all felt not knowing if he would be dead or alive, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you at Seasons have done for my son.

Maggie, mother, 2017