How to Develop Your Intuition: The Tools That Can Help


How to Develop Your Intuition: The Tools That Can Help


Once upon a time, the concept of intuition was brushed off along with psychic abilities and telekinetics. However, today the value of emotional intelligence (also known as EQ) has gone up, and the ability to be intuitive could not only help you excel in your personal life but in your career as well. This is why having the knowledge to know how to develop your intuition is key in today’s world.

If you find that you’re still uncomfortable with the idea of trusting your gut, and the idea of operating based on intuition is less than ideal read on for some important information on how to sharpen your intuitive skills.

The Benefits of Knowing How to Develop Your Intuition

Before diving into how you can start to develop your own intuition, it’s important to be aware of the benefits that come with having a strong intuition.

First, by having powerful intuition, you can dramatically reduce your stress levels when it comes to handling problems both in and out of the office.

You’ll feel more confident when choosing the individuals and situations that you want to work with. You will also become more aware of the triggers around you and the situations that could mean danger for you in the long term.

You’ll be able to invest your time in healthier relationships, both in friendships and romantically, as you’ll have a key understanding of the types of energies that best respond to your own energy.

You’ll be more in tune with your own physical health and will be aware of when symptoms are simply caused by exterior circumstances and when there’s a greater problem at play.

How to Strengthen Your Intuition 

While many are born with a natural intuition, it’s important to remember that we all are intuitive beings from the start.

Over time, we’ve been taught to rely more on media, society, and other external forms validation to tell us what we need and what we should do.

This doesn’t mean that you’ve lost your ability to be intuitive for good. By practicing a few exercises on a regular basis you’ll be able to return to your intuitive state of mind.


Many of our intuitive thoughts happen on a subconscious level. Unfortunately, we spend the majority of our time functioning from a conscious level thinking about what we should be doing next. 

Sit down in a common relaxing place and allow yourself to freely Journal whatever comes into your head.

Do your best not to filter whatever comes into your mind, remember this journal is for your eyes and your eyes only. The more you write from the stream-of-consciousness the more you’ll see that you intuitively have the answers that you’re already looking for.


Many of today’s top CEOs and Founders spend at least half an hour each day in seated meditation.

The reason why meditation is the key element in many successful individuals’ daily routine, is the fact that it allows them to function from a heightened sense of awareness.

By meditating you’ll be more aware of the thoughts that come from your emotions, so you’ll know when you’re being reactive rather than responsive.

With training, you’ll be able to gradually silence your ego, and make decisions from an intuitive state that allows you to operate from a more clear-headed place.

Don’t Ignore Your Dreams

When we sleep it’s our subconscious opportunity to take control and communicate with us whatever we may be needing.

This is why many people have recurring dreams and why some dreams tend to be more memorable than others.

Try to avoid the urge to brush off a dream when you wake up, instead pay attention to what your subconscious mind may be trying to tell you.

Dreams are very rarely literal. Often the individuals that are in your dreams represent key parts of your emotions or your own personality.

Your dreams may be able to tell you when you’re feeling resistant to a change or decision, when an individual in your life is holding you back from opportunities,  or when you have an important decision that you’ve been ignoring.

Keeping a journal next to your bed specifically for dreams is an ideal way to write down everything you remember as soon as you wake up. The longer you wait to write down your dream the less clear the details will be.

Write down your dream exactly as you remember it and give it a bit of space. Return to it later in the day or discuss it with your therapist to better analyze what your dream may be trying to tell you.

Find a Creative Outlet

We spend a great deal of our day operating from the analytical side of our brains, not giving our creative side the opportunity it needs to roam free.

Again, this is one area where our subconscious is frequently ignored. By having a creative outlet such as painting, writing, or photography, we can start to notice the patterns within our subconscious mind and can lean into a more intuitive nature.

Escaping from it All

Sometimes the best way to know how to develop your intuition is to take a break from the everyday circumstances and trials that face us on a daily basis.

We can do this by taking a trip to a faraway destination, on facing a major obstacle such as addiction by checking into a rehab facility that’s able to tend to our needs.

Remember, our intuition tells us when the hard choices need to be made, and can guide us to the places we’ll be most supported in making the changes we need.

If you’re ready to make this essential change contact us for more information on checking into rehab and Indonesia.

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