How to Convince Someone to Go to Rehab

Watching someone you love disappear into addiction is a painful experience. When you reach out and try to bring them back, you may feel like the person you care about is unreachable behind the wall an addict builds. You know your loved one has a problem, a problem that is destroying them and affecting everyone who cares about them. You know they can get this problem under control if they realize that they need to go to rehab. But what do you do if they don’t want to go? Here are ten ways to convince someone to go to rehab.

Educate Yourself

You are not the first to go through this. Millions of people have helped someone they care about come to terms with the problem of addiction and commit to addressing it. You can benefit from the insights of people who have succeeded in this struggle before.

Get Help

Support groups like Al-anon provide you an opportunity to talk through your situation with people facing similar challenges. You may know other people you can reach out to that have friends in recovery or who are themselves in recovery. You might also want to consider consulting with a professional addiction treatment specialist as well as a personal therapist.

Plan an Intervention& Consider Family Counselling

We are stronger together. Each person that cares about someone may fail to convince them to address their problem if they try alone, but when all the people who care about an addict talk to them together, they can be very persuasive. Consider using a professional intervention counsellor to facilitate your conversation.

Recognizing that addition affects everyone in an addicts family, Seasons Bali offers a week long Family Program for addressing addiction to help families organize to understand and address the impacts of addiction. Agreeing to join your loved one in treatment could make the prospect of rehab easier to embrace. Research, as well as our own experience, show that people struggling with addiction have a much better chance of long term recovery if their family are involved in their treatment.

Strive to Get the Person Directly to Treatment

The sooner you can get the person into treatment, the better. An addict’s commitment to going to rehab may be fleeting. Don’t wait if you don’t have to.  Make a plan before hand. Choose an addiction recovery center and make a plan to get there. 

Tell the Addict How Their Behavior Affects You

Communicate how your life is affected. Use “I” statements rather than “you” statements and pick examples that will have the maximum impact. Addicts often do not realize how their behavior affects the people around them.

Don’t Judge or Shame

Your goal is to get the person you care about to understand they have a problem and convince them to work to fix it. You need them to understand the harm they are doing to themselves and to others. But you do not need to judge their behavior as wicked or shameful. Encouraging self loathing will not help an addict choose to care for themselves.

Establish Real Boundaries

You need to protect yourself, and you won’t help an addict by enabling them. So you need to set boundaries.  Be careful. Think about what you are and are not willing to do, communicate clearly, and stick by the boundaries you create.  Avoid creating boundaries you are not willing to uphold. Don’t make threats that you will not follow through on.

Help Recognize Responsibility

Addicts often find ways to avoid responsibility in their own mind. Without labeling their actions as bad, you must help them understand: their choices are their own, and their choices have consequences. For an addiction to choose rehab, they must first understand they are responsible for their actions.

Show Empathy

You are here because you care about someone. Make sure to show them. Be compassionate. Ask open questions and listen. Avoid accusations, criticism, and judgment. A helpful rule of thumb: Start sentences with “I” and avoid “you”.  Again, your goal is to help someone realize they have a problem, not make them feel bad about it.

Contact an Expert and Make a Plan

You can get help convincing someone to go to rehab. You’re here because you are ready to help someone decide to take the first step on the road to better life. You can do it! Contact an expert and make a plan with an experienced addiction treatment counsellor. Call us (toll free Australia) 1800 288 348 or +61 398045757 or email us at and we will call you.

At Seasons Bali, we guide addicts to recovery by teaching them about the the physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual effects of addiction. Addicts recovering at Seasons Bali learn through balanced, structured activity to address their wellness as a whole person and achieve emotional sobriety using tools such as individual and group counseling, yoga, exercise, and meditation.  You can learn more about our Rehab Program for Drug Addiction and Recovery Program in Bali here.



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