Committing to a Lifestyle Change for Continuing Success in Recovery

Many addicts come to realize they’ve had enough of the suffering and they want to get free from their addiction. To succeed, they will need help. Group therapy and counseling may be adequate, but for many, a well-chosen in-patient rehab is the key to success. An in-patient rehab helps people get clean and stay clean for anywhere from a week to a few months. Getting off drugs or alcohol or letting go of gambling, eating disorders, or other addictive behaviors is hard. Staying clean takes commitment, and it’s more than just a commitment to abstain. There is more to successful abstinence than what you don’t do. So let’s talk about committing to a lifestyle change for continued success in recovery.

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Healthy eating supports recovery

Commit to Healthy Eating

Good nutrition is important for recovery. Addiction to drugs and alcohol can severely damage your body and good nutrition can help repair this damage. Good nutrition also supports your mental health and affects your response to stress. Meal planning adds a sense of structure, responsibility, and self-care that contributes to a healthy outlook that will support ongoing success in recovery.

Commit to Honesty

Almost all addicts learn to lie. They lie to others to hide their addiction, and they live to themselves to deny it. Honesty is as essential for recovery as lying is necessary for addiction. In rehab, you will learn to watch yourself carefully and spot when you are being dishonest. You will learn to hold yourself accountable without making yourself feel ashamed. You will learn to admit when you make a mistake or do something wrong. You’ll teach yourself not to hesitate to admit you are weak and you need help. And you’ll learn to catch yourself if you start to backslide into dishonest thoughts, which can lead to relapse. Rehab will help you begin to build the toolkit you need to continue to succeed in recovery. You will find honesty is an essential tool.

Commit to Gratitude

Gratitude is the oil that keeps your recovery engine running smooth. Every day brings challenges and stress. Every day we are confronted with potential triggers for relapse. We need something to make it all worthwhile. We need gratitude. In rehab, you will learn how to deliberately, consciously cultivate gratitude. It is a skill, and you will get better by practicing it. By committing to this simple practice, you are going to think yourself to happiness. You are not always going to be happy; that’s not realistic. But you will experience moments of increasingly profound gratitude – even perhaps for very small and simple things –  and knowing this is part of your life that you can create will help you maintain your resolve when the going gets tough.

Making new friends helps you reconnect with life

Commit to Making New Friends

There’s a saying: “you play the hand you’re dealt.” But that’s not to say you can’t clean up your hand and discard some bad cards. Most addicts will have some “friends” who share their addiction and often lack friends who don’t. And for most addicts, staying away from other addicts is an essential part of recovery. But social relationships are important to our well-being, and important for recovery. It can be hard to connect with people when you first get clean. But it is important to make the effort. Good news – other people who can really understand what you are going through also need to make new friends, and you can meet them in group therapy for substance abuse prevention. It’s a good place to start.  

Commit to Making Amends

Along with the old friends you have to stay away from because they will draw you back into addiction, you might have some old friends that you are inclined to avoid because you have harmed them. As part of your recovery process, you will think back and make a list of all the people you have wronged. To heal yourself, it helps to do what you can to make amends. Sometimes the best you can do is apologize, but sometimes you can do something to make a concrete difference, and that will feel very good. Realize that people may be ready to forgive you, and don’t create expectations about the results. Just do the right thing and be patient. You can learn more about rebuilding trust with people you have wronged in this article.

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