Benefits Of Treatment Abroad In Bali

It would be an understatement to say Bali is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The lush beaches, the volcanic hillsides, and the awe-inspiring rice terraces create an outstanding vibe.

It’s also one of the greatest places for one to undergo addiction recovery. That same beauty can be the best environment to kick destructive habits and build a new life.

At Seasons Bali, we’ve witnessed many of our patients complete a total transformation. You can, too. In this post, we’ll explain why.

New Environment, New Beginnings

Your environment plays an underappreciated role in how you think and act. If you’ve been addicted to illicit substances, we can say confidently that your environment has played some role.

Here’s what we know: You can’t expect to change if your environment remains unchanged. Rehab centers, no matter where they are, can help you overcome addiction, but when the center is located in your local area, it can be hard to resist the temptations of your environment and permanently resist old habits.

It’s quite common for patients to drop out of the rehab program if it’s located in their local area. But they are far less likely to do so when the program is located abroad. “Why would I drop out if I came all the way here,” is a common thought, and it’ll help you stay the course and finish the program.

You completely isolate yourself from the poor influences of your current environment. The people and elements that contributed to your addiction will be thousands of miles of way. You’ll have the much-needed solitude to reflect on your past and plan for your future.

By getting addiction treatment abroad in Bali, you’re giving yourself permission to start over. And it’ll likely be one of the most powerful decisions you can ever make.

Bask In the Beauty

This section is a continuation of the last point about the power of your environment. Bali, as mentioned, is one of the most stunning locations you’ll ever lay eyes to, and it can have a profound effect on your mood and state of mind.

The detox and rehab process will be a challenge at first, but you’ll feel much more at ease when you’re surrounded by pristine jungles, gorgeous hill plains, and a sparkling ocean.

At Seasons Bali, we don’t keep you cooped up on the campus, we take excursions so that you can witness this exotic beauty for yourself.

Meditation retreats are a part of our regimen, and we want you to connect with nature, eliminate the noise in your head, and achieve total calm. This mindfulness will carry you throughout your treatment, during the challenge of detoxing your mind and body, and even as you leave Bali and return home.

The role Bali’s beauty plays in your rehabilitation can not be appreciated enough. Your mood will be lighter, your optimism will be more apparent, and your discipline will be at its strongest.

Get Your Money’s Worth

Enter a rehab program in the West and you’ll cough up $15,000-$30,000 in fees. Seasons Bali is a fraction of the cost.

Here’s what you can expect when you enter our facilities:

A modern, comfortable campus. Our grounds are spacious, our rooms are accommodating, and our amenities are modern. People make unwarranted assumptions about Indonesia, but we can assure you that you’ll be impressed by the luxurious living spaces on our campus.

A highly qualified staff. Even though we’re more wallet-friendly than the rehab centers in your local area, our staff is just as qualified as the staff you get in the States, Canada, or Europe. Our staff is Australian, and were trained there. They are all fully certified in addiction treatment, and they have the knowledge and experience to help you progress through the program safely and successfully.

A complete arsenal of tools and medications. Our Bali detox program is spearheaded by trained medical professionals who are equipped with all the tools and medications you need to reach detox. In fact, we may carry some medications that are not available in the West.

Have Complete Privacy

Because Bali is a vacation destination, many of our patients tell their friends, family, and employer they’re taking a vacation (as opposed to going to rehab). Bali is thousands of miles away, so you’ll have the privacy you need to make lasting changes in your life.

We understand that you may want to simply “get away” without informing your friends and family about your rehab, and we believe that getting addiction treatment abroad in Bali can be the best way to do so.

Having eyes on you can make you self conscious, instill feelings of self doubt, and derail you from your mission of recovery.

Your rehab is a time where you need no distractions, and you must achieve full focus if you want to make conquer your addiction. Whether you choose to inform family and friends of your decision, or you elect to keep it private, we will be supportive of your choice.

Shorter Waiting Times

While the wait times for short term inpatient rehab are usually brief, the wait times for longer term stays can have a very lengthy waiting period. When you’re ready to undergo rehab, we find it’s optimal to jump right in without the wait. The longer you wait, the higher the chance circumstances can change, causing you to fall off-track.

At Seasons Bali, our wait times aren’t as severe as some of the wait times you’ll see with your local rehab centers.

Go To Bali To Get The Addiction Treatment You Need

We can confidently state that there are no better destinations than Bali to get addiction treatment. At Seasons Bali, you’ll have the freedom to eliminate old behaviors and shift the course of your life.

No matter how deep the addiction is, we know you have the opportunity to start over. A fresh environment thousands of miles away can be the place you need to be to make lasting change.

Contact Seasons Bali today to learn how you can travel abroad and start our detox and rehab programs.


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