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Addiction can occur in many different forms both with and without substances being involved. Bali addiction treatment covers a wide variety of symptoms and is known as the ‘pathological pursuit of rewards’. This actually describes any sort of addiction perfectly. Sometimes process addiction is also referred to as behavioural addiction. This occurs when a person compulsively engages in a non-drug/alcohol related activity.

In terms of food and sex, we all have the brain reward circuitry that make these behaviours gratifying. This in fact, is a natural part of the human survival mechanism. We can also include things like gambling, shopping, exercise and internet addiction in this category of addictive behaviour.

Almost everyone gets pleasure from these activities but the addict will pursue them despite negative consequences. Like with addiction to drugs and alcohol this can affect all areas of an individual’s life.

As result of their behaviour somebody suffering from any type of process addiction can find that their mental and physical health is impacted. Sometimes there is difficulty within the significant relationships within their lives and/or problems at work. This can be as a direct or indirect result of their chronic engagement with their addictive behaviour.

The person may find the behavior psychologically rewarding or get a ‘high’ while engaged in the activity. Later they feel guilt and remorse from the consequences of that continued choice. Unfortunately, as is the case with all those who struggle with addiction, people living with behavioral addictions are unable to stop engaging in the behavior for any length of time without proper help.

Rehabilitation is a powerful tool for helping people to tackle process addiction. Seasons Bali addresses this with an evidence based, integrated program where people can learn to manage their behaviour and to address the issues that underlie it.

Treatment for Eating Disorders at Seasons Bali

A person who suffers from food addiction or any variety of eating disorder causes serious harm to their physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health. Successful treatment addresses all of these aspects of the problem.

Eating disorders can include a variety of harmful eating patterns including:

  • Anorexia
  • Bulimia
  • Binge eating 

Residents at Seasons Bali have the opportunity to consult with our knowledgeable Wellness Coordinator to develop a healthy eating plan based on their nutritional needs. Further to this, the clinical and medical teams work closely to develop a comprehensive treatment solution. Our chef also assists in supporting the decisions made by our team.

Seasons Bali uses a proven model of addiction treatment which uses a range of methods to address the underlying causes of addiction. We have helped many chemically dependent people with eating disorders find and sustain recovery. 

Treatment for Gambling Addiction at Seasons Bali

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is sometimes accompanied by an addiction to gambling. The compulsion to act out on this behaviour is just as overpowering as the compulsion to drink and use drugs.

This causes the gambling addict a range of personal consequences in just the same way as any other addiction. The clinical team at Seasons Bali implement an evidence based, personalised approach to this, within an environment of respect and understanding.

Treatment for Sex Addiction at Seasons Bali

Sex addiction does not necessarily relate to the amount or type of sex somebody is having. This is a complex and serious condition which has many different forms and a range of destructive consequences.

Just like all other addictions, this affects the sufferer psychologically, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. At Seasons Bali, our experienced staff are non-judgmental in their approach to helping people suffering from this debilitating addiction.

Our internationally acclaimed program of recovery has helped many people to address the core of their problem and find long term recovery.

Treatment for Co-dependency at Seasons Bali

Co-dependency occurs when a person compulsively puts the wants and needs of another person ahead of their own. As a result the person fails to look after themselves properly and this negatively affects their life.

This condition is sometimes also referred to as ‘relationship’ addiction. The symptoms of this condition appear in relationships with others but the root cause is a dysfunctional relationship with self.

Some of the symptoms include:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Chronic people pleasing
  • Taking too much responsibility
  • Difficulty communicating authentically
  • Inability to set healthy boundaries
  • Being overtly controlling of both situations and people

This commonly happens for family members who have a relative who is a using addict or alcoholic. They become focused on the unravelling life of the addict to the detriment of the rest of the family and themselves.

Seasons Bali has many years of experience dealing with co- dependency. We deliver a tried and tested model of treatment where clients are guided using the best resources available.

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