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How Addiction Changes The Brain

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When people began to study addiction in the early 20th century, they reached a general consensus that it was a form of moral failing and lack of willpower. Continuing research has revealed that these early ideas were pretty far off the mark. In the 1950s, we came to recognize alcoholism…

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How to Tell if Your Spouse is an Addict

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Denial is an amazingly powerful force. When a person we care about is addicted, we can come up with all kinds of reasons to overlook the obvious. And just as the famous frog becomes acclimated to ever-increasing water temperatures, a spouse may normalize the progress of their loved one from…

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Six Myths About Addiction

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Researchers and therapists guiding addicts through the process of recovery have made a lot of progress in understanding addiction. Society has lagged behind science a bit. Misconceptions about addiction are common. Older ideas about what drives addiction and how to cure it were perhaps based on intuition or judgmental ideologies…

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