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How a Big Rehab Stays Small

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The Seasons Hader Group has rehabs in Australia, Thailand, Bali and one set to open in Sri Lanka in a few weeks. So how does a big company like this maintain a personal approach to each individual who walks through the door? This is a very good question and one…

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12 Myth Busters For 12 Step Fellowships

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No, it’s not a cult. Busting the myths around 12 step fellowships At Season’s rehabilitation centres we use an internationally accredited style of holistic treatment that addresses all five aspects of addiction. The physical, psychological, emotional, social and yes – gasp, the spiritual malady behind the disease of addiction too….

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A Lethal Dose of Stigma

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One of the most lethal things about addiction has nothing whatsoever to do with the drink and the drugs and everything to do with the stench of stigma that swirls like incomprehensible twisted mist around the issue. This is one of biggest things that keeps people away from seeking the…

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