Aftercare is an essential part of any successful drug and alcohol rehab program. The team at Seasons Bali offer a range of flexible services to help clients through the first crucial days, weeks and months after leaving the security of rehab.

The Primary Program requires all participants nearing the end of their stay to complete a detailed exit plan which helps anticipate any potential challenges they may face. This also focuses on maintaining and building on the skills they have learnt during treatment.

Included in the Primary Program:

  • Referrals to counsellors in your area
  • Referrals to continuing addiction/alcoholism treatment
  • Help finding a support network in your area
  • Regular follow-up phone calls from our team for one year
  • Clients returning to cities with a Seasons Hader Group rehab can join their support structure.

Aftercare is no different to the other therapeutic services offered by Seasons Bali. These are all designed to be flexible and are tailored to the needs and circumstances of the individual.

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Additional Support

Seasons Bali also has a range of other services not included within the Primary Program. We do everything we can to facilitate any other alternatives recommended by our experienced Clinical Team or requested by clients.

  • Support staff to accompany the client on their flight home
  • Support staff to stay with clients for a settling in period
  • Skype support sessions with the Seasons Bali staff
  • Sessions with the Seasons Bali Therapist