Seasons Bali understands that making the decision to come to rehab is often not easy. We have a dedicated Client Liaison Team whose job it is to help clients and their families through this process. For some people, a quick admission needs to be facilitated while others need extensive support and guidance before booking their rehab program.

All clients entering Seasons Bali are thoroughly assessed twice. Usually the initial assessment takes place over the phone and is completely free of charge. This allows us to gain an initial picture so that we can make sure that we can meet your needs.

It also gives the Clinical and Medical Teams some information so they can make some initial preparations. The second assessment is conducted by our team when the client arrives at the centre in Bali to begin the Primary Program. All our doctors are internationally qualified to Western standards and have many years of experience dealing with drug and alcohol dependency, detox and dual diagnosis.

Admissions and Arrival

Our team works with you and your family to make sure that you have all the information you need to prepare for your journey and your stay at Seasons Bali. Coming to rehab in a foreign country can seem daunting but we have helped thousands of people start their journey towards a better life this way.

On arrival in Bali, our VIP Immigration Service meets you as soon as you get off the plane and escorts you through customs and immigration.  After this, a member of the Clinical Team meets you with a personal chauffeur and transports you directly to our rehabilitation centre.


Make Contact

Make contact with our Client Liaison Team – We can call you.
Free, over the phone consultation and assessment


We do not display prices as we often feature discounts

Arrange Travel Insurance & Visa

Our Client Liaison Team can advise

Arrange Flights

Our Client Liaison Team can advise about your travel plan.
Our VIP immigration staff meet clients as they disembark from the plane.
A clinical staff member meets clients at Airport Arrivals.

Arrival & Admissions

The Medical and Clinical Teams meet clients on arrival and they are thoroughly assessed in person.
Clients and staff complete some necessary paperwork and admissions procedures.

At Seasons Bali

A member of staff shows clients around the centre
Clients are assigned a Case Manager from the Clinical Team

At Seasons Bali

Clients are assigned a Buddy from the current community
Our chef serves clients a delicious meal and they are given time to settle in and meet other members of the community

Visa Information

For most nationalities a free 30 day visa on arrival can be obtained from the airport in Bali. However, we advise all clients to purchase a $35 visa on arrival. This option is valid for 30 days but can be extended to 60 days from within Bali. This gives our clients more flexibility should they choose to extend their stay.

Clients who are enrolled for a full 90 day rehab program need to leave the country and return. We can book flights (charged to the client) and provide transport to and from the airport. Additionally, should it be required, we can provide a sober buddy to accompany the client on this journey. Our team are very experienced in organising visa runs and make the process as simple as possible.

The Client Liaison Team provide comprehensive, up to date information about the visa process and costs depending on the passport held and the length of the treatment period. For further information follow this link