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Welcome to the Only Internationally Accredited Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Bali

Personally tailored addiction solutions on a beautiful tropical island

Our Seasons Bali rehab in Indonesia delivers an internationally accredited drug and alcohol treatment program which has been industry leading worldwide, since 1997. Our wonderful location in Bali supports the therapeutic work we do and has a wealth of extraordinary opportunities for clients to participate in life again. Situated on lush private grounds surrounded by rice terraces, the Seasons Bali rehab in Indonesia is truly a haven of peace and tranquility.  This perfect environment means our clients can comfortably reflect and recuperate without being affected by the harmful triggers of home. Moreover, we only accept a small number of clients at one time to ensure the best quality individual service of care for our clients.

Our dynamic team of addiction experts create a custom-made solution for each client who attends our Seasons Bali rehab programs in Indonesia. This takes on board their personal circumstances and treats the physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual costs of their addiction.  This evidence based and compassion focused treatment program has a history of first rate outcomes for both clients and their families.

International Accreditation

Seasons Bali rehab in Indonesia is accredited according to the international best practice standards of ISO 9001. In order to maintain this standard we are regularly audited by an external body. This provides all our clients with a guarantee that we are committed to providing the highest level of addiction treatment services.


Our Top 6

Client Focused Benefits

Confidential, Comfortable and Cost Effective

Our secluded location guarantees total anonymity and comfort in a luxurious setting. Travelling abroad for rehab offers unrivalled benefits in terms of both quality treatment and affordability. In addition, compared to other rehabs, Seasons Bali offers the best value for money anywhere in the world.

Internationally Accredited and Licenced

Unlike many drug and alcohol rehabs in Asia, an external, international body audits Seasons Bali every year. We are accredited according to the international best practice standards of ISO 9001. In order to maintain this, we adhere to high standards.  We are also licenced by the Indonesian government and the Seasons Hader Group are a founding member of the International Consortium of Addiction Related Organisations (ICARO).

Expert Medical and Clinical Care

Our onsite and attending medical staff are highly trained in detoxification regimes, addiction medicine and dual diagnosis. The qualified, clinical staff bring both formal education and personal experience to their work and are all in recovery too. Every team member is passionate about helping people to change their lives.

The Seasons Solution – Fully Supervised – Small Client Group

We have a high staff to client ratio and the Primary Program is supervised 24 hours a day. Seasons Bali only accepts a small number of clients to make sure that the changing needs of each person are met. The latest research supports our rehab program and focuses on healing all aspects of addiction. This involves a variety of wellness activities focused on the mind, body and soul.

One Team – One Recovery

All our services provide clients with the best evidence based support to change their lives. We believe in continuity and the same rehab team oversees all stages of recovery from primary care to secondary and tertiary care and onwards to life after rehab. Additionally, our acclaimed Family Program supports both clients and their loved ones.

Australian Owned

The Seasons Hader Group is an Australian owned company which has been running successful rehab programs since 1997. They are recognised for their dedication to best practice and commitment to their client’s successful outcomes. Richard Smith, our founder and director is a talented practitioner with a personal interest in recovery. After 17 years of addiction he got clean in 1985 and has spent his recovery helping addicts, alcoholics and their families.

What Our Client Say

“"What a great start to a new life sober. Tackling the issues head-on with support and guidance. Thank god for Seasons Bali!"”

KanePrimary Program 30 Days, April 2019

“Wow, what a life changing experience! My life was a complete mess. I came in here scared, afraid and broken. Seasons gave me the tools to recover and handle my life! I will be forever grateful to Seasons Bali for giving me back my life”

StephaniePrimary Program 60 Days, June 2019

“"This program is awesome and I have gained so much over the last 28 days. I’m happy with my experience here. I really got a through education on addiction and how social interactions affect my life. The staff are great and really experienced with what they do and have all been through it themselves – that’s the best bit really. My sessions with Tim (the therapist) were amazing and he was really able to help me pinpoint my issues."”

AntonPrimary Program 30 days, April 2017

“"I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived but I felt so welcomed and safe and the staff really understood my needs. One of the best things about the program was the family counselling because I got to say things to my brother in a way I’ve never been able to before. I have been given a completely different way to approach to my relationship with him and we are much closer now."”

Paula (sister)Family Week, February 2015